Chris Perez's decision to join Selena y Los Dinos changed his life in a way that he could have never anticipated. 

selena y los dinos
photo: Tumblr

He met Selena Quintanilla — the love of his life — and got to see his career as a lead guitarist flourish. 

Although the band may no longer be together and Selena's death took a toll on him, Perez has continued to make music  — and now he's being honored for it in a huge way.

Perez is going to be inducted into the South Texas Music Walk of Fame along with five other musical artists on June 3.

The South Texas Music Walk of Fame highlights iconic South Texas musicians, including his late wife Selena.

Perez posted the announcement on his Facebook page where he teased some "surprises" were in the works.

He did reveal that he will performing with his band at the Executive Surf Club on that same day. 

"Time to get to planning for this upcoming Chris Perez Project show in a few weeks. So happy to be playing in Corpus Christi, makes my eyes misty!" he wrote on the Facebook event page. 

If you're a Perez fan, you're not going to want to miss it.

The ceremony will take place at noon on June 3, and Perez has been telling fans in the comments section of his Facbook account that he's going to try everything in his power to make sure that he can sign some autographs. So if you were thinking of taking a road trip, this is your sign.

Congrats, Chris!