It's hard to believe that it hasn't even been a year since we first heard "Despacito." The Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee song first debuted on January 12, 2017, and has pretty much been played on the radio and in clubs every single second since then.

At last night's Latin Grammy Awards, the song was given the credit it deserved for becoming one of the biggest Latin songs in history, but fans weren't too pleased with the outcome.

Fonsi and company took home a whopping four awards for the hit single.

luis fonsi
photo: Reuters

The song won Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Short-Form Music Video, and Best Urban Fusion Performance.

Erika Ender, who co-wrote the song with Fonsi, accepted a couple of the awards alongside the Puerto Rican artist.

luis fonsi erika ender
photo: Reuters

Daddy Yankee was unable to attend the award show to celebrate his wins.

Fonsi thanked the fans and his team for making the song what it is and expressed hope that more Spanish music will be heard.

Fonsi certainly had a big night, but viewers weren't as happy as he was.

Many fans took to Twitter to throw shade at Fonsi for not thanking Justin Bieber for his work on the song.

A new remix of "Despacito" was released in April, which featured Bieber on the song. Since then, fans have been torn on whether the song was "ruined" by the pop star or if Bieber is the reason the song became so popular.

Some, however, were just furious the song won at all, since many think it's too "overplayed" or "mainstream."

Meanwhile, others just want Fonsi to get proper credit for the hit, rather than Bieber.

To make matters worse, fans also roasted Fonsi's performance with Bomba Estereo.

luis fonsi bomba estereo
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The singer took the stage with the electronica duo for part of the song, but Twitter wasn't ready to hear the new version:

Lots of people hated the way the performance sounded.

Regardless of your take, Fonsi is probably sitting at home shining his Grammys.

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Or dancing to his new song with Demi Lovato. Either way, he's doing great.