Buckle up, Camilizers – here's a new song from your girl Camila Cabello with a *VERY* unlikely twist.

photo: GIphy

A popular YouTuber took it upon themselves to remix Cabello's new video, "Havana."

photo: Giphy

The original video was released in late October, featuring Lele Pons and LeJuan James.

And though literally none of us asked for it, this new version is all about POTUS.

photo: Giphy

The music video mashes up all of Trump's "wise words" to the tune of "Havana."

photo: Giphy

The result? Trump basically declaring his obsession for the Cuban city.

photo: Giphy

Of course, that's the joke — Trump IRL has insisted on anti-Cuban measures to the distaste of many, like when he restricted business and travel with Cuba and decided to cut Cuba's embassy staff by 60%.

Cabello herself shared a snippet of the hilarious video, which only prompted her fans to be even more obsessed with the remix.

Watch below for a good chuckle: