Oh DrakeLo, we'll never let go. Once Jennifer Lopez confirmed she was not dating Drake (but might be seeing retired baseball player Alex Rodriguez), we thought we'd heard the end of this relationship.

But we were so wrong, because Drake name-dropped Lopez in one of the songs from his new album "More Life," with a reveal that had us shaking our heads (and hitting rewind) at the same time.

In the song "Free Smoke" Drake revealed the rookie move he made with Lopez that is so him, and if we're being honest, so us.

"I drunk text J.Lo," he rapped — and of course he did.

This is the man who gave us the drunk phone call classic "Marvin's Room" after all.

And this is the same man who name drops exes on his songs like it's his job.

*cough* Rihanna *cough*

But this line still took many people on Twitter by surprise, and the reactions were HILARIOUS.

Folks were shook!

But the kicker was the next line: "Old number, so it bounce back."

We have more questions about this than anything else! Is Drake trolling us? If he did drunk text J.Lo, did he do it before they were romantically linked or after? If it happened after their alleged breakup, did Lopez change her number so he couldn't reach her? 

And what about the text itself?! Did he text her lyrics from Marvin's Room after he heard about the A-Rod rumors? The world may never know!

We still need answers, but in the meantime we'll keep listening to "More Life" for more clues.

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