Leave it to Lin-Manuel Miranda to put together a star-studded cast of artists to create a song and release a music video to raise money for hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico in record time.

He got everyone from Rita Moreno to Marc Anthony to Jennifer Lopez to Luis Fonsi and more to contribute vocals to his uplifting tribute song to the island, "Almost Like Praying," within two weeks of the Hurricane Maria disaster.

All of the artists really delivered on the track, which is inspired by the song "Maria" from "West Side Story," but no one got us more shook than Gina Rodriguez.

The actress didn't come to shout out different parts of Puerto Rico with a sweet melodic delivery. No, she went hard with a sickening flow in the rap section that gave us chills.

We are clearly not alone in our excitement.

Fans were here for it!

Her performance was almost too much to handle!

But hardcore Rodriguez supporters are already very familiar with her skills and rapping alter-ego, who's named Cutz.

She told Jimmy Fallon all about it on "The Tonight Show" back in 2016.

Watch her and other stars go hard for Puerto Rico below.

All proceeds from the song will go to The Hispanic Federation's Unidos Disaster Relief Fund. To learn more, click here.