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By now you’ve probably very familiar with the Broadway musical “Hamilton” — though, like most of us, you've never seen it live, as it's seriously the hottest ticket in town, and very hard to get your hands on. The musical about Alexander Hamilton, one of America’s Founding Fathers, as gotten rave reviews because not only does it tell this historical story in a super creative and entertaining way, but it was also written by, and stars, Lin-Manuel Miranda. And last night we finally got to experience live!

Their 2016 Grammy performance last night was the closest most of us will ever get to actually seeing it live, and after "Hamilton” was awarded Best Musical Theater Album (no surprise there!) we couldn't help but feel such pride because this show, that everyone loves, is a true representation of Latinos, and our contribution to this country. 

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The genius is in story-teller Miranda, who tells the American story in an urban way using rap and hip-hop. He makes the history of our country actually cool! If that weren’t awesome enough, Miranda is Puerto Rican pride is so inspiring. As a playwright and creator, Miranda has always been involved in diverse shows, and "Hamilton" is no different. The fact that this cast made up of people of color playing white characters adds a different and complex layer to the story of our country and an important way for our history to be told. It makes us realize we’re also part of American history. 

“Hamilton is a story about America, and the most beautiful thing about it’s told by such a diverse cast with such diverse styles of music,“ Renee Elise Goldsberry, who play’s Hamilton’s sister-in-law, said in an interview with TIME.

There’s no doubt they’re passionate about their career and their heritage.
Miranda's acceptance speech alone shows how talented and proud he is of his show and his cast. It was especially amazing to see one of the cast wave the Puerto Rican flag on that Grammy stage. Miranda’s acceptance speech, which he rapped, reached another level of awesomeness. Here it is below

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We write music, we write songs to tell the story.

Whether you’re King, Kendrick, or Jeanine Tesori.

I’m sorry if I start screaming these thanks hysterically: John Buzzetti, Tim Latham, Tom Coyne and Derek Lee.

Tommy Kail set the stage to kick our boots through.

Bill Sherman, Quest, and Tariq, the whole Roots crew.

Sean at Warner Chapel, Riggs and Craig at Atlantic.

Lacamoire my right-hand man. This frantic Hispanic is non-stop. The best idea goes in the pot.

Whether you're Harnick and Bock, Pun, Biggie, or Pac. 

The cast unstoppable. Band is unbeatable. Inimitable. Inevitable. Always inspiring me to pull through.

Vanessa, Angie, Illie, Ellie, we adore you. Sebastian, Daddy’s bringing home a Grammy for you.

Lucky for everyone “Hamilton” will kick off their tour beginning September 27, 2016 in Chicago before continuing to cities across the country. 

And in case you missed the Grammy’s, watch the opening number of "Alexander Hamilton" below. Congrats to everyone involved!