Jackie Cruz’s tribute music video of Selena Quintanilla’s “Como La Flor” has arrived. Vivala asked Jackie why she chose to honor the singer who has been so influential in her career with this song in particular, and besides that it's her favorite Selena song, she said “it is a song that reminds me of one of my relationships. Basically, I wish you the best. I see you with another woman, I wish it was me but it’s not and even though I wish you happiness, I’m sad. And that’s the whole reason why [Selena’s] crying ‘ay, ay, ay.’ That’s her crying ‘ay, ay, ay, como me duele.’ It hurts but even though she’s saying that, she’s happy for you. I’ve been through that too many times.”

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In the clip, Cruz and her love interest (both on-and-off-screen) Fernando García tug at our heartstrings, taking us on the rollercoaster of emotions experienced over the course of a love story between a singer and a painter that does not end with a happily ever after. While we wouldn’t want to act out the demise of a current relationship, Cruz said that she chose García for a number of reasons: “I chose him because I don’t want to be intimate like that with anybody right now. I’m super in love. He’s so passionate, and what he does is so interesting. He’s an artist, so I thought that would be really cool to incorporate in the music video. And if I lost him, that is exactly how I would feel. Como la flor, muriéndose.”

If anyone watching the video is going through a similar heartbreaking experience right now, her advice is not to worry, adding that “God has someone so special for you, you have no idea. And I’m just telling you that because that is what I feel right now. I was in a relationship where me dijo ‘nadie te va a amar como yo’ and I’m like ‘I don’t know about all that.’ I found somebody that really does love me for who I am and appreciates me just being me and that’s so important in life. I’m not trying to be anyone else and he loves just exactly how I am. Don’t worry about all of your heartbreaks because, honestly, that is just making you stronger and making you realize who you really want in life.”

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If she could pay tribute to another artist it would be Whitney Houston “because I saw The Bodyguard when I was a baby and I was like ‘Oh my God I want to be an actress and a singer, – she’s so amazing.’ Even though she was dubbed in English, I heard her sing, and I knew that that’s what I wanted to be.”

“Como La Flor” was directed by Sebastian Sdaigui and produced by Alanna Harrington. Vivala.com served as executive producer.

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