Jenni Rivera fans, rejoice: New music is coming from "La Diva de la Banda." Although the famous singer tragically died in a plane crash four years ago, she didn't leave us empty-handed. 

If you're one of the fans who still belts out her heartbreak songs but wishes there was new music from the beloved artist, then you’re in luck.

Rivera's is returning to the stage as a hologram. Her hologram will perform the unreleased song "La Diva" alongside her two daughters, Chiquis Rivera and Jacquelin Melina Campos.

Rivera's hologram first made its appearance in October 2016 at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery for an annual Day of the Dead festival.

Rivera's hologram only sang one song during its first performance. But at the upcoming L Festival, her biggest hits will be sung along with the new song.

"We're going to be debuting a brand new song that Jenni recorded but never released," Gustavo Lopez, executive vice president and general manager at Universal Latin Music Entertainment, told The Los Angeles Times. "It will be about a 14-minute performance. It's a combination of hits and the new song."

Universal Latin Music, HologramUSA, and Rivera's family contributed to designing of Rivera's hologram.

The L Festival is happening on March 18 and 19 in Pico Rivera, California. "La Diva de la Band's" hologram will perform on March 19.