Latinx snacks are a crucial part of #GrowingUpLatino. If we're not sipping on Café Bustelo, we're munching on mazapán or sneaking a few bites of pan dulce in between meals.

Unfortunately, Katy Perry may not understand how sacred these snacks are.

Katy Perry just released a new music video for her latest single, "Hey Hey Hey."

katy perry
photo: Splash

It's a full-on ode to the Victorian era, filled with 18th-century dresses, hair, and makeup.

katy perry
photo: Instagram/katyperry

The video is Perry's standard over-the-top nature, but for some reason or other, the singer chose to throw popular Mexican snack Takis in the mix.

The snack makes its random appearance around the 0:48 mark.

photo: Giphy

Seriously, would Takis really be in Marie Antoinette's kitchen?

She dives right into a bowl of the spicy chips and then the camera focuses in on the bags like some sort of product placement ad.

photo: GIphy

Some fans (those who love to eat, at least) picked up on the Takis nod and called Perry out for both cultural appropriation...

... and for the very obvious product placement.

Others simply want to know how and why the singer could "abandon" her Flamin' Hot Cheetos obsession for Takis.

Back in 2014, Perry's obsession for the spicy snack was so real that she dressed like a Hot Cheeto for Halloween.

It's not surprising people are sensitive to this coming from Perry, since it's not her first time allegedly appropriating cultures.

katy perry
photo: Splash

There was the time she thought it was OK to dress as a Japanese geisha on stage at the AMAs in 2013.

katy perry geisha
photo: Twitter/@Exclaustradas

Then there was the cornrow incident from her "This Is How We Do" music video back in 2014.

katy perry
photo: Vevo

Will she ever learn? Watch the full video below to decide for yourself.