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Red carpet season is in full swing making it the perfect time to tune into a brand new Latino award show. On October 8th, Telemundo will be rolling out the first-ever Latin American Music Awards (Latin AMAs). It will closely model the popular fan-voted, American Music Awards (AMAs) which will air in November. The event has already snagged a wide mix of top artists to take the stage, including Lil Jon, Yandel, Daddy Yankee and Paulina Rubio.

After years of airing the AMA’s exclusively on English-language television channels, the sudden shift to introduce the Latin AMAs is something that was to be expected. The Latin AMA’s have been in the works by Dick Clark Productions and comes after the company triumphed in the Latino market. At last year’s AMA’s, Pitbull represented Latinos as the event’s host and the award show was a hit, met with no shortage of positive feedback.

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The decision to bring the Latin AMAs to life also comes after the network’s positive experience with the Billboard Latin Music Awards. According to Comcast, last year Telemundo announced that it would partner with Billboard to extend production of the Billboard Latin Music Awards. In a statement made by President of Dick Clark Productions, Mike Mahan, "Telemundo has had proven success with the live broadcast of the Billboard Latin Music Awards… Their knowledge, passion and reach make them ideal partners to launch a new music show based on the iconic American Music Awards."

Although the Latin AMAs were created due to the industry’s prior success with Spanish-language award shows, the concept is empowering and many believe that it’s a fantastic platform to represent the Latino community. A fan-voted award show geared toward Latinos has been long overdue and it was only a matter of time before an event like the Latin AMAs was set to make its way onto a major network like Telemundo.  

As entertaining and exciting as the AMAs are, the Latin AMAs will have its own identity and bring Latinos together in an authentic way that hasn’t been done before. If the event’s predecessors are any indication, the Latin AMAs will be anything but disappointing and an amazing way to give Latino artists and fans the recognition they deserve.  

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Unlike other award shows where voting happens at the hands of a committee, the Latin AMA’s will put viewers in control. Fans can visit the Latin AMAs’ website and cast their vote up to 10 times in 20 musical categories, including Artist of the Year and Favorite Crossover Artist. 

Aside from voting online, fans can also have their say in the winners by using the #LatinAMAs on Twitter and mentioning their favorite artist. Chart-topping artist Nicky Jam has already scored 6 nominations while Enrique Iglesias has 5 nominations. Viewers will even have the chance to vote for a North American artist to invite to perform on the show, with singers like Fifth Harmony and Demi Lovato to choose from.