photo: LAMC/Instagram; iStock

The Latin Alternative Music Conference hits New York City July 6 to 9 and if you think it's a boys' game, you're completely wrong. There definitely are some leading ladies on this year's schedule of events and you won't want to miss them. If you're an aspiring musician, you might even find yourself among these performers one day. After all, this isn't just a concert series; it's a professional conference and there are development workshops for insiders and wannabes alike. Think of it like Sundance or SXSW but for Latin alternative music.

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Of course with three whole days of programming, how do you prioritize what to see? Maybe start by putting these six acts — all of whom serve up a healthy dose of feminine prowess — on your list. They alone are six reasons to go to this year's LAMC.



Mexrrissey is a band from Mexico City that reinterprets Morrissey songs with a ranchera vibe. And, yes, they are all in Spanish. Singer/songwriter Ceci Bastida provides the estrogen and vocal talent. Mexrrissey will perform July 6 at the LAMC/Central Park SummerStage Show at Rumsey Playfield.



Kokoshca is a trio (one woman, two men) from Pamplona, Spain, with a punchy pop punk sound. You have two chances to catch them: on July 6 at the LAMC Sounds From Spain Showcase at Highline Ballroom or on July 7 at the LAMC Acoustic Showcase at SOB’s.


Camila Luna

Here's an act that's all woman: indie singer/guitarist Camila Luna. See the Puerto Rican/Venezuelan musician perform her sweet, mellow tunes at the LAMC Acoustic Showcase on July 7. 

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The Chamanas

The Chamanas describe their music as "border music" with influences from Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua y El Paso, but it's not quite as folksy as you might expect. Think of it as a nostalgic but modern take on Tejano. Amalia is the voice of the trio, which will be playing at the LAMC Acoustic Showcase on July 7 and at the LAMC Showcase at Highline Ballroom later that night.


Las Robertas

This Costa Rican band features two women (Mercedes Oller and Sonya Carmona) and one man (Fabrizio Durán), and together they make beautiful beach punk music. They'll be playing at the LAMC Acoustic Showcase on July 7 and at the LAMC Showcase at Highline Ballroom that same day.



Just like her name implies, Buscabulla is looking for trouble, but of the experimental music kind. She produces bizarre yet wonderful songs that will carry you away (to who knows where). See her at the LAMC Celebrate Brooklyn Show at Prospect Park Bandshell on July 9.