When the Latin Grammy nominations were announced, we eagerly awaited to hear each artist named and hoped to see one name in particular get called. We were thrilled to hear that not only was Natalia Lafourcade nominated for her latest album release, Hasta la Raíz, but that she was nominated five times!

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So what makes this album or the 31-year-old so special? In a word, everything. Her voice is ethereal, it's so rich in sweetness that her songs sound like lullabies, but they're not. She sings about the pain and beauty of love, and it took her years to figure out how she'd be able to get those songs out again after taking a long hiatus. 

Lafourcade made her musical debut when she was just 17 and quickly won a Grammy for Best New Artist in 2003 for self-titled first album. The petite singer-songwriter delivered cute and eclectic alternative pop tunes, and she dressed the part, too. Her amazing style remains one of her biggest appeals and she's always defining the times.

For Hasta la Raíz, her fourth full-length album, Lafourcade wanted to make something completely different than her previous work, which is probably why it took her a long time to figure out what she really wanted to say. "I wanted to go more intimate and more personal," Lafourcade told Vivala. 

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"Nunca Es Suficiente" from Hasta la Raíz.

All her hard work resulted in five total Latin Grammy nominations for her latest critically acclaimed album, including Album of the Year, Song of the Year, Record of the Year, Best Alternative Music Album, and Best Alternative Song.

"I was thinking it was going to be my own music," Lafourcade said. "I was trying to do more with the songs, and all of the things I wanted to say. But when I sit down and write a song, I try not to think at that moment."

Lafourcade recorded all of the songs on her iPhone and then listened to each one over and over. She wanted to study the songs and figure what she would do with them and how exactly to release the track. 

"I wanted to really learn the songs before I recorded the demos," Lafourcade said. "When I realized the songs were so naked and so real, I decided to not change them and leave them as they were." 

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"Hasta la Raíz," the self-titled track from the album has more than 8 million view.

So what is it like to have such a raw and vulnerable piece of art exposed for the world to see? For Lafourcade, it's out of her hands at this point. 

"Working on the album was like a fantasy, but when I finish something it’s not my album anymore," she said.

"This album belongs to the people. It’s their songs. I don't see it as my music anymore because it was a healing thing to work on this album."