With music festival season in full swing, it can be hard to figure out what concerts you want to attend. 

It's even more difficult trying to pinpoint which artist you want to see the most. But if you're looking for a comprehensive list of Latinx acts that will be performing at different festivals, we've got you covered — and hopefully it will make your decision-making process that much easier.

We rounded up nine must-see Latinx artists and bands that will be performing across different stages in the US:


El Papachango

Festival: Lightening in a Bottle

Location: Bradley, California

Dates: May 24-29

This Argentinean DJ is going to make you want to dance the night (or day) away.


Chicano Batman

Festival: Sasquatch!

Location: Grant County, Washington

Dates: May 26-28

This LA-based band has been making quite the headlines with their latest album "Freedom is Free," so we can only imagine what their live performance will be like.


J Balvin

Festival: Neon Desert

Location: El Paso, Texas

Dates: May 27-28

J Balvin always knows how to put on a show, so you know it's going to be lit!



Festival: Northside Festival

Location: Brooklyn, New York

Dates: June 7-11

Maybe Miguel will give a preview of his highly anticipated Spanish-language album.


Los Lonely Boys

Festival: Summerfest

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Dates: July 4-9

You'll be able to watch the iconic Chicano trio play their "Texican Rock n' Roll" in the great midwest.


Julieta Venegas

Festival: Ruido Fest

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Dates: July 7-9

The moment we found out that Julieta Venegas was going to be at an all-Latinx music festival, we almost lost it! Venegas will be joining 40+ Latinx artists at the popular alternative Latin music festival in the Windy City.


Bomba Estéreo

Festival: Outside Lands

Location: San Francisco, California

Dates: August 11-13

The dynamic Colombian duo is going to make you feel so empowered the moment they play "Soy Yo" — and every song they perform will leave you feeling the same way too, tbh.


Kali Úchis

Festival: Life Is Beautiful

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Dates: September 22-24

If you haven't heard of this badass Colombian-American singer-songwriter, do yourself a favor and look her up. We're pretty sure you'll be buying tickets to this fest just to watch her!



Festival: Lost Lake

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Dates: October 20-22

Don't be a victim to FOMO because you know this Latin Grammy Award winner is going to play his best hits.