Sean Combs — aka Diddy — has been on the road to recovery after having his third and final knee surgery.

According to reports, he underwent his first knee surgery after he fell through a hole onstage while performing a tribute to Bad Boy Records — his label — at the 2015 BET Awards. 

He also needed to have shoulder surgery, causing his Bad Boy reunion tour to be delayed.

It's given the rapper a new perspective on life.

"This journey has brought me closer to God. Closer to my family. And most importantly, closer to myself," he wrote on his Instagram post

It has also allowed him to really give in to his love for salsa dancing as a form of physical therapy — and we are living for him showing off his dance skills already!

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Just look at him flawlessly gliding across that boat as if he's never had surgery at all — so suave, so Diddy.

The 47-year-old mogul admits that his "salsa obsession" started only three months ago, but he's already making some big plans to become a pro. 

"I'm still recovering and still reteaching myself how to walk. One of my goals is to learn how to dance salsa and go to every salsa club in the world that I can go to!"

Naturally, he was dancing along to a classic you've probably heard at a party, or five.

As soon as you hear "Costumbres" come on, you can't help but want to get up and move your body.

Yes, he's also doing some more traditional forms of PT, too...

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But let's be real, nothing compares to dancing to salsa music — NOTHING.

Get it, Diddy!