Less than one month after opening up about her kidney transplant, Selena Gomez took the stage at the American Music Awards to perform new hit singles. The opportunity was a big one, as it was her only live performance of the year, but fans aren't as enthused as anticipated. 

SelGo had two major moments at last night's award show. First, she debuted her new blonde look on the red carpet.

selena gomez
photo: Splash

She also teased her hair on Instagram: "So I am blonde now," she wrote. 

Then she took the stage for her only performance of 2017.

selena gomez
photo: Reuters

This marked Gomez's first live performance of her new song "Wolves." The singer began her eerie rendition in a crashed car scene, hence the bruises and blood.

photo: Giphy

She was then surrounded by zombie-like backup dancers, who carried her body on stage in a seriously spooky way.

photo: Giphy

Gomez seemed a bit somber at the end of the song, looking to the crowd and uttering, "Thank you."

photo: Giphy

Despite the 25-year-old's courageous moment, Twitter quickly called her out on allegedly lip syncing her new song.

Other true Selenators defended the singer's performance and return to the stage.

Selena and her team have not yet responded to the allegations, but the singer did share a short video a few days before the performance of her practicing the song.

Watch below to decide for yourself: