photo: Christine Stoddard/Vivala

Critics have a reputation for being, well, critical. Selena Gomez received one critic's wrath after her Detroit performance Friday night, and it's hard not to feel bad for her. 

Inquisitr aptly captured the review's harsh tone: "In short, the Detroit News wanted the pop star to own the concert instead of acting as if Selena were still in training as a pop star." Exactly.

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So let's give you a taste of Adam Graham's unflattering review:

First off, the headline is brutal enough: "Selena Gomez fails to deliver sizzle at Palace concert." And we haven't even reached the actual review yet. In the first two paragraphs alone, Graham slams Gomez for delivering "more of the same," condescendingly calls her Revival tour her "most grown-up effort yet," and disses her stage presence. The only part of the concert that earned Graham's approval was Gomez's outfit. 

Read the rest of the review on the Detroit News website — if you think you can stomach it. Here's to wishing Gomez better luck with critics in the future.