Selena often sang about love, but when it came to sex, her stance was pretty clear: None until marriage. In an interview posted above with reporter J.R. Castilleja, the late Tejana star revealed her opinion about teen pregnancy and abortion. Though Selena enjoyed dancing around in bustiers, her beliefs about sex were rather conservative. In an industry where sex sells and standing up for your beliefs is not always celebrated, Selena didn't flinch when discussing the controversial topics.

While asked about the high pregnancy rates among Latina teens, Selena said she approved of teens who decided to keep their babies, saying, "I'm against abortions. I don't think it's right," crediting her beliefs to how she was raised. 

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However, she'd prefer not to have to get to the point of discussing abortion and just stop the issue before it even started. 

"[Politicians] encourage kids to use condoms, and I think that parents can encourage their kids not to have sex before marriage because if you stop that right there then you're not going to have teen pregnancy. You need to teach your children morals first before they get married . . . It should be marriage and then children afterwards."

When asked by the interviewer if there would be a Selena if she'd already had a child, she responded, "I don't think so. It's a lifelong dedication, and I wouldn't have time. I'd have to be one heck of a woman to do that — juggle marriage and a child and my job."

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Eerily, she was also questioned about how she wanted to be remembered when she's gone. "Not only as an entertainer," she mused, "but as a person who cared a lot and I gave the best that I could and I tried to be the best role model that I possibly could." Pretty spot on, no?