Another day, another vintage Selena video that makes our hearts skip a beat. Thankfully, the Abraham Q Productions YouTube account is the gift that keeps on giving by uploading never-been-seen-before performances by the Tejana queen. She may be gone, but she's definitely not forgotten — every bit of her is kept alive through her music, videos, photos, and most importantly, her fans.

We nearly lost it when they released the footage of her covering Debbie Gibson's '80s classic "Only In My Dreams." Now they have blessed us with a live show where she did a top-40 medley that will blow you away.

Her performance took place at the Miller Outdoor Theatre in Houston, Texas in 1987.

She knew how to hype the crowd and called out, "I want you to get your hands together, c'mon — you people in the back, I'm going to need your participation."

She was only 16 years old at the time and was already a natural star on stage.

Just think about what you were doing in your teenage years and let that sink in.

She started off by singing Jody Watley's "Looking For a New Love."

She sang it with such attitude and confidence — she slayed!

Then she effortlessly switched it up and went on to cover Donna Allen's "Serious."

Although this was during the early stage of her career, it was proof that she was going to be legendary.

And her dance break is something we're never going to forget.

The '80s, man. The '80s.

Of course she finished it off with none other than "Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson.

Her intro before singing the song will also leave you saying "YAS!"

"This little song is by Janet Jackson's brother," she said into the mic. ICONIC.

That's how it's done! #SiempreSelena

You can watch the full video of teenage Selena light up the stage here: