When Play-N-Skillz masterminded the Spanish reggaeton remix of Selena Quintanilla's "Si Una Vez" with Frankie J and Leslie Grace, people lost it. Then they kicked up a level and released an English (read: Spanglish) version that featured Becky G and rapper Kap G and it left us all SHOOK.

It gave us the the ability to sing our favorite breakup anthem at the top of our lungs in two languages — true to Selena's bilingual upbringing. After all the hype, the group gave the people what they were asking for: a live performance.

Becky G posted a snippet of the first time they performed the hit and it left us wanting more.

So when we saw the full video, we expected nothing less than greatness because this IS a Selena song we're talking about here and they were performing it in her home state of Texas.

Right off the bat, Frankie J's intro got the crowd going and we knew from that moment on that they were going to deliver.

When Becky G took the stage, we couldn't help but get Selena vibes from her look.

The high-waisted pants, the belt, the boots, and the white off-the-shoulder top were definitely planned with the Queen of Tejano in mind.

She even nailed some of La Reina's signature dance moves.

OK Becky, we see you!

Then Kap G came on and kept the party going with his verse that really takes it to the next level.

The best part? When Frankie J and Becky G ended the performance with nothing but their powerhouse vocals in Spanish — just like Selena used to.

We hit the replay button too many times to count because it was that good.

They absolutely nailed it!

And they honored Selena perfectly.

Check out the full performance below: