Whether you grew up in a Latino community or not, every '90s girl in Texas couldn't escape Selena Quintanilla's influence. Solange — who grew up in Houston — is a prime example, as proven in a new interview conducted by her sister Beyoncé for Interview magazine.

After doing a deep dive into the backstory of creating her incredible "Seat at the Table" album...

...Beyoncé turned things up a notch with a speed round of questions that got into Solange's pop culture preferences.

Out of nowhere, Beyoncé asks Solange to pick: "No Me Queda Mas," or "I Could Fall in Love"?

And Solange reacted like any true Selena fan by saying, "This is so unfair!"

We don't want to live in a world where we have to pick a favorite!

But somehow she managed to make a decision and went with "No Me Queda Mas" as her favorite Selena song.

While either song would have been a solid choice, we were surprised to hear that Solange didn’t choose “I Could Fall in Love.”

Back in 2013, the singer performed a beautiful cover of the song in Paris.

But going for a Spanish-language track is just another testament to how cool and eclectic Solange's musical taste really is.

We're here for it!

Take a trip down memory lane and let her blow you away with her "I Could Fall in Love" remix below.