Fresh off inducting Selena Quintanilla on the iconic Hollywood Walk of Fame, Suzette Quintanilla is paying homage to her late sister and their hardworking father in an emotional way.

Quintanilla took to Instagram to share an old photo from the humble beginnings of Selena y Los Dinos.

She gave a sweet shoutout to the family's patriarch, Abraham Quintanilla, who formed the band 1980.

"This trailer was homemade by my dad," she wrote in the caption. "That’s him in this picture changing the tire."

"I’ve kept this picture in my office to never forget the struggles and sacrifices we had when we started many many years ago with my family."

selena y los dinos
photo: Pinterest

The struggles Quintanilla is referring to include financial problems, issues in the family business, and trouble getting the band to gain popularity during its first years.

She also had a few wise words for aspiring musicians.

"Any musician reading this knows the true struggle of what it really takes to even be heard or to even be hired for a gig!!" she wrote. "To all my fellow musicians out there, NEVER GIVE UP! Keep doing what you love."

The band certainly came a long way since first performing at local quinceañeras, which is why their legacy continues to live on.