Cardi B and her boyfriend, Offset, are not shy about publicly showing how much they love each other.

They couldn't keep their hands to themselves during New York Fashion Week, and they constantly post about each other on social media. It's the cutest thing!

So when nail art queen Cardi got a seriously extra manicure that proves she's Offset's number one fan, we were not surprised at all.


The pictures of Offset on her nails are an even bigger statement than the rhinestones adorning them.

Cardi called them "babe nails" on Instagram.

She got them done by her go-to nail artist Jenny Bui of Nails on 7th in New York City.

Bui has been hooking Cardi up with the most blinged out nails for a hot minute.

Did Cardi and Bui just start a new trend?

Only time will tell.