Sugar Skull Nail Art
photo: Stephanie Flor

Going to Mexico to witness Día de los Muertos, has always been on my bucket list of things to do. This year I made no excuse and booked a one-way ticket to Oaxaca, Mexico to for all things beauty.  Sugar Skulls, bright colors, and white face paint are a big part of this Mexican tradition. It’s all about connecting with the unseen world and superstition of keeping the dead happy or they'll come after you. It would only be natural to celebrate Mexico’s beauty tradition of Day of The Dead in nail art style. I wanted to collaborate with Mexican Entrepreneur Ana Guajardo of Cha Cha Covers for the perfect Día de Los Muertos Mani using her nail art decals inspired by our Latina Roots. You can achieve the look by following these easy steps.

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Sugar Skull Nail Art Supplies
photo: Stephanie Flor

What You’ll Need 

Cha Cha Covers in Sugar Skull Designs


Top and Bottom Nail Coat


2-3 Nail Polishes in Mexican inspired colors

Water Bowl

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Sugar Skull Nail Art Step 1
photo: Stephanie Flor

Step 1: Start off with clean nails, filed to your desired length.

Step 2: Using your essie polishes start by painting your nails in different colors. I wanted to add a white base to make the sugar skulls pop.

Sugar skull nail art dots
photo: Stephanie Flor

Step 3: Add small colored dots to your middle finger in various colors.

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Sugar skull nail decal
photo: Stephanie Flor

Step 4: Cut your desired Cha Cha Cover to fit your nail.

Step 5: Apply nail decal to nails.

Step 6: Repeat with a different design on another nail.

Day of the Dead manicure
photo: Stephanie Flor

Step 7: Finish with top coat on all designs.

Step 8: Ready to celebrate with a one-of- a kind nail look for Día De los Muertos. Add a cross decal on your pointer for an extra daring touch.

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