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photo: Jazmina Daniel/Splash

Every now and then we come across individuals on social media who blow us away, and Jazmina Daniel is one of them. Daniel is a makeup artist who's taken lip art to the next level. Having re-created scenes from The Nightmare Before Christmas and The Little Mermaid, it seems like there's no task Daniel can't master. 

Daniel got into makeup after she had a brain tumor removed years ago. After spending a lot of time sick at home, Daniel explained that she started experimenting with lip art. 

"I always loved art so I started painting my lips with these designs as a stress reliever and to cope with depression I was dealing with at the time." 

Once the brain tumor was removed and she realized she would survive, she committed her life to doing something she absolutely loves. The intricate lip art can take her "about 2-3 hours. But it's worth it in the end." With her art she's bringing joy to herself and the rest of the beauty world.

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