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Behold: The latest nail art trend is upon us, and it is none other than the weed manicure, a.k.a. the weedicure. That's right, people are literally putting real weed (along with some sparkle) in their acrylic nails, and it's kind of dope (pun intended). And no, this is not an April Fools' Day joke. This is really a thing and right on time for the upcoming 4/20 holiday.

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If you don't believe us, just get on Instagram and search #weednails. You'll find around 1,837 awesome-looking manicures using actual pot. Now if you're wondering how in the world people actually get weed inside their nails, it's actually simpler than you'd think. Kat, a dancer who reportedly coined the term "weedicure," explained to Forbes how exactly her nail lady did it.

"We just took a bud, and broke it up small enough that it wouldn't be too lumpy, and then mixed it with acrylic powder and green, gold, and orange glitter," she said. "It's the same process as getting an acrylic set with glitter tips, except with pot. I wanted to add orange and gold glitter, and I love how it looks like kief."


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Kat only spent $45 for a full set, though California-based nail artist Louisiana Pham told BuzzFeed she charges around $65 (that includes bringing your own weed). Not bad. But before booking your next nail appointment, we highly suggest checking to be sure marijuana is even legal in your state. If not, there's always the cotton candy nail trend, right?

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