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Thousands gathered in Central Park on September 26 for the Global Citizen Festival to see performances by Beyoncé, Coldplay, Pearl Jam, and Ed Sheeran, but more importantly, to support the global cause of creating a better way of life for everyone.

The First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, made a special appearance to launch 62 Million Girls, a campaign that focuses on education for girls.

"Right now 62 million girls are not in school,” Obama said. “They deserve the same chances to get an education as my daughters and your daughters.” President Barack Obama also sent a video message, and tweet, in support of the campaign.

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Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai, who was in New York this week to address the United Nations and to attend the premiere of a full-length documentary movie about her life, also took part in the campaign for girls education at the music festival.

"I want education to be the top priority because how can we end poverty ... when we deny the right to education," she said. "It's not that there is lack of money in this world ... we have billions and trillions of dollars, but where the money goes is military, it's things that are useless and that are not useful to society."

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Ariana Grande's duet with Coldplay’s Chris Martin.

Ariana Grande made a surprise appearance and sang a duet with Coldplay’s Chris Martin, who is the festival’s creative director. Beyoncé also sang a duet with Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder. To take part of this initiative, check out Global Citizen and 62 Million Girls

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Beyoncé’s duet with Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder.