Antonio Tizapa is one of the more than 50,000 runners from all over the world taking part in today’s New York City Marathon. They are all running for different reasons but Tizapa's motivation is his missing son.

Jorge Antonio Tizapa Legideño is one of the 43 missing Mexico students that disappeared in Iguala, Guerrero more than a year ago. His father Antonio's run today is his way to bring awareness to and hopefully find justice for his son and the other missing students, NBC reports.

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The case remains unsolved, but at least two students from the missing group have been identified and declared dead. High ranking government officials and police officers have been arrested because of their involvement with the missing students. Just a couple of weeks ago a human rights commission found “several flaws” in the official account in the case of the missing students.

Tizapa tells NBC that he believes his son is still alive. “I hope everyone will have the pleasure of meeting him soon," Tizapa said. “He is able to make friends easily, even during arguments… because he radiates a positive energy [that brings people together].”

“To us, the government is discrediting its own lies,” Tizapa told The Village Voice. “They know it is all a lie. But we are uncovering the lies they have told us. We want our children returned to us alive.”

For the past 14 years Tizapa has lived in Brooklyn, working as a plummer. He regularly sends his family back in Mexico, Tizapa a portion of his income. 

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Other runners will be running alongside Tizapa in support of him and the missing students. Tizapa’s jersey will be a Mexican playera with the words “Ayotzinapa 43” which pays tribute to the teacher’s college where his son worked and the number of missing students.

Check out some of the support Tizapa has received on social media below.