Protesters cause a chaotic traffic situation with the shutdown of a freeway in downtown Los Angeles, California late on November 9, 2016 as protesters angry over Donald J. Trump's election as the next US president marched in downtown Los Angeles through the evening and shut down portions of the Hollywood (101) Freeway.

photo: Getty

While nationwide protests took place in the aftermath of Donald Trump's victory, thousands of Los Angeles residents marched throughout the downtown area last night, which transpired to masses converging on the very busy 101 Freeway — and this couple fought back by showing off their best dance moves.

So while thousands marched all over downtown L.A....

chanted around a bonfire...

and burned a Donald Trump head...

this couple salsa danced!

And everyone cheered them on. Witnesses were moved by this beautiful display of hope. 

The Los Angeles Police Department reports that 29 people were arrested during the protest last night.

Los Angeles Police Department Public Information Director Josh Rubenstein told NBC News that while more that 5,000 people gathered in various parts of Los Angeles, the protests were non-violent

That couple dancing totally proves that there is more than one way to protest, and shaking it while doing so.