Bernie Sanders. Hip-hop. The Kardashians. What does it all mean??

Relax — you haven't entered some weird, alternate universe where Bernie Sanders shacks up with Kim and Kanye in MTV's The Real World: White House. Nope, it's just presidential primary season, 2016-style. 

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In an interview with Bernie Sanders on MSNBC yesterday, Melissa Harris-Perry talked to the presidential hopeful about the different constituencies that support him, noting that "one that has proven to be quite strong for you is millennials, in particularly millennials of color."  

Her primary source? WorldStarHipHop, naturally. Adding, "Hip-hop is, like, completely down with you. You appear on WorldStarHipHop more often than the Kardashians.” While the storied reporter was clearly injecting a bit of well-timed humor into her interview, Sanders took it all in stride, saying, “You’re having me compete with the Kardashians? That is tough competition there. And if we’re holding our own with the Kardashians, I think we’re doing pretty good.”

Touché, Sanders. Maybe Kim will give you a Kimoji to call your very own.

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