photo: Christine Stoddard/Vivala

Now that Britain has voted to leave the European Union, Texas secession has suddenly become a renewed topic of conversation. 

According to CBS News, Daniel Miller, who heads the Texas Nationalist Movement, tweeted at Gov. Greg Abbott on Friday to schedule a referendum on Texas independence. CBS DFW reported that the hashtag #Texit began trending locally soon after #Brexit took off. Unsurprisingly, then, Miller told Reuters that "Texit is in the air."

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Don't forget that Texas was an independent country from 1836 to 1845. But that may not be what the majority of Texans want again — at least right now. CBS reports that in December, the Texas Republican Party nixed a proposed, non-binding ballot initiative that would have given voters the chance to mull over secession during the March 1 primary. 

As Vox points out, the #Texit Twitter phenomenon was a joke, with many tweets blatantly poking fun at the idea of Texas secession. 

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In the same spirit, Vox ran a satirical piece about Texas secession right after Brexit. In this analogy, Austinites and Latinos from across the state would be too "pro-American" to vote for secession. But rural Texans? Yeah, they'd be all over that. Because, to quote Vox, "Many Texans felt that the Mexican migrants were stealing their jobs and diluting 'traditional' Texan culture."

Good ol' xenophobes. Those are the same people who forget who was here first.