Since Donald Trump’s presidential win, racist incidents rapidly rose. Only a month after Election Day, there were 1,094 racist encounters reported, according to the Southern Poverty Law.

Throughout the US, protests have become the norm. Advocates avidly fight for undocumented immigrants and Muslims.

People are also joining the fight in their own way, like Brigitte Yasamin.

The Washington state high schooler noticed her classmate glazing a ceramic box with the design of the Confederate flag.

After expressing her disappointment with Twitter, she shared a photo of the box broken on the floor.

The Latina didn’t regret her actions, saying she has “no sympathy for racists.”

Although she didn’t get in trouble with her teacher, she still expected repercussions.

Twitter had mixed reactions about the event:

Yasamin also got backlash from users who tried to report her to Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE).

She called out people who assumed she was an undocumented immigrant.

People also came to the defense of the American-born Latina.

We're behind you, Brigitte!