Kim Kardashian gun control
photo: Splash, iStock, Twitter/kimkardashian

Remember the nearly 15-hour filibuster launched by Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy that happened last week? Well it was all for nothing since four gun control proposals that went up for a vote died on the Senate floor on Monday. That's right, not even the worst mass shooting in American history could get a Republican-dominated Senate to make a much needed change that might ruffle the feathers that pad their campaign's pockets (*cough* NRA *cough*) during an election year. 

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The proposed amendments would have strengthened background checks and would have kept suspected terrorists on the FBI's radar from buying guns. Seemingly small changes that make total sense, but not as far as our Senators are concerned. President Barack Obama took to his Twitter account to slam the Senate for failing us:

The only way to make a change is by exercising our right to vote in November and booting politicians who are not working for the American people to the curb. 

But POTUS wasn't the only leader who was over it. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian West and Stephen King also took to social media to vocalize their objections.


Kim Kardashian West

It's more than sad.


John Legend

We couldn't agree more.


Stephen King



Bette Midler

How many of us have to die in vain?


Jamie Lee Curtis

November can't get here soon enough.


Mia Farrow

How can they not realize that they're enablers?


Billy Eichner

This can't be real life!


Michael Ian Black

We don't have time for partisan games.


Kevin McHale

Seriously, how can those Senators sleep at night?


Kristen Davis

How else can feel when our government isn't working to protect us?