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Hold up, did Pitbull just tell us who's got his vote for president? No, not really. Though the rapper did just recently gush about his friendship with GOP candidates Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio.

In a recent interview with Fox News Latino, Mr. 305 said his connections to both presidential hopefuls are "priceless" and that it's "amazing" to have to candidates from his hometown of Miami running for president. "And let me tell you, Jeb Bush speaks Spanish fluently," the rapper tells the news outlet. "He can hang out in the neighborhoods of Miami and they go, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me. This guy is a Bush?’”

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But despite Mr. Worldwide's obvious respect for the two GOP presidential hopefuls, he hasn't endorsed anyone just yet. In fact, in an article published by Buzzfeed earlier this year,  the "Time of Our Lives" singer said, “I’m not here to be part of any political party ... I’m here to bring political parties to my party because they can’t, they won’t and they never will stop the Pitbull party. ¡Dale!”

There are plenty of other celebrities who aren't being as hush-hush about it. Here are 16 stars publicly endorsing their favorites for the 2016 presidential election.


Kim and Kanye

Over the summer, Kim Kardashian made plenty of her Instagram followers jealous when she posted this photo of her and hubby Kanye West with Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton at a fundraiser. The caption read, "I got my selfie! I really loved hearing her speak & hearing her goals for our country! #HillaryForPresident" 


Killer Mike

Bernie Sanders isn't just gaining popularity among millennial voters. In fact, rapper Killer Mike, 40, is the newest celeb to publicly share his love for the Democratic presidential hopeful.

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Jenna Jameson

It looks like Pitbull isn't the only one who has good things to say about GOP candidate Marco Rubio. Rubio received an official, and unexpected, endorsement from former adult film star Jenna Jameson via Twitter. 


Margaret Cho

A longtime Hillary supporter, comedian and LGBT activist Margaret Cho, surprised a lot of people when she announced that she would now be endorsing Bernie Sanders. 


Lena Dunham

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The writer and star of HBO's Girls has gotten plenty of shade from haters who say the only reason Lena Dunham is endorsing Clinton is because she's a woman. 


Ted Nugent

NRA board member Ted Nugent has been a strong supporter of GOP candidate Donald Trump. In a statement published by Right Wing Watch, Nugent said, "Mr. Trump’s unprecedented support is due to the fact that working-hard, playing-hard, caring Americans are painfully aware of the suicidal path and dire consequences of Obama’s crazy fundamental transformation ..."

Nicholas Gonzalez

The actor and Texas native, best known for playing Alex Santiago on the TV show Resurrection Blvd., is on the long list of celebs who are feeling the Bern.



Hillary Clinton gushed on Twitter after receiving a public endorsement from Queen B. We can't say we blame her. 


Juliette Lewis

The actress, who's been in countless movies including Cape Fear and From Dusk Till Dawn, is also an official Bernie Sanders supporter


Katy Perry

Katy Perry loves Hillary Clinton and doesn't care who knows it. The pop singer, who was recently named the highest paid musician of 2015, is definitely using her social media platform to spread the Hillary love, even Instagramming this pic to wish the former first lady a happy birthday. 


Dennis Rodman

Celebrity Trump supporters may be few and far between. But there are some, like ex basketball star Dennis Rodman, who are showing support for the Donald. 


Sarah Silverman

Comedian Sarah Silverman definitely feels the Bern. The official Bernie Sanders supporter has been showing him lots of love on Twitter. Silverman even introduced Sanders to a crowd of supporters in L.A. recently.


Pharrell Williams

The "Happy" singer stopped by Ellen last month and shared his sentiments on why he supported Hillary Clinton. "It’s time for a woman to be in there," he said. "Not that I don’t love our current president, I just feel like it’s Hillary time." 


Will Ferrell

We're definitely more used to seeing the goofier side of comedian Will Ferrell. However, we must admit that we were pleasantly surprised when we saw the Anchor Man star on the list of official Bernie Sanders supporters


The ladies of "Broad City"

In a recent promo the Comedy Central show's third season, the ladies of Broad City gave Hillary Clinton a shameless plug.