President Donald Trump has only been in the Oval Office for a month, but he has already made an impact on countless groups of people. An overwhelming number of people have taken to the streets over the past several weeks to protest Trump’s harsh actions towards immigrants, women's rights, and the environment. 

It isn’t only people who are offended by Trump. These toy dinosaurs in Washington, DC have been holding their own protest in a garden, complete with index card signs. Their organizer? A four-year-old boy named Jackson.

Jackson’s protest originally began as a simple garden full of dinosaurs, created by his neighbor Steve. It eventually became recognized in the community. Bill Rebeck, Jackson’s father, and a neuroscience professor at Georgetown University, told Buzzfeed:

"After the election, my wife and I were talking about how to protest some of the worst parts of the Trump administration, and she suggested the dinosaurs in their garden could make a statement. So we made up the signs, and Jackson stuck them on emery boards; we gave them to the dinosaurs."

The four-year-old makes sure to check up on his reptiles and move their positions.

“It was something that we could do in the face of the current injustice and ignorance,” he said. “The dinosaurs are a little whimsical, but the issues are terribly important.”

Jackson also wanted to share his knowledge about dinosaurs.

Rebeck told Mashable:

"He also had me write a very long discourse on everything he knew about dinosaurs, and he wanted that to into the garden as well. I told him the large piece of cardboard didn’t fit. I think he’s forgotten about that now."

“I thought the dinosaurs would be noticed by the people on the street," said Rebeck. "A few of them are members of Congress, so that seemed important.” 

The dinosaurs have been a hit with everyone.

And this is only the beginning of the dinosaurs' protest.

“The next display will have an erupting volcano named Trump, with all the dinosaurs fleeing, but that may not be for another month or two," Rebeck said. "Maybe after something happens that is particularly horrible for the country.” 

"I think the signs will change, or increase, depending on whether people come up with clever things to write. ‘Our Eggs, Our Choice’ came from the friend of a student that I know. Actually, I am sure there will be more signs. Dinosaurs care about issues – they need to so that they don’t go extinct again."