A new US ambassador to the Dominican Republic has been chosen. Though the White House gets brownie points for picking a woman, it loses many points for electing an official who can't actually converse with the native people.

President Trump and his cabinet chose Robin Bernstein as the new US ambassador to the Dominican Republic.

photo: Facebook/Sabana del Puerto Bonao

Bernstein is one of the founding members of Trump's Mar-a-Lago Club, as well as the president of a high-end insurance company, Richard S. Bernstein & Associates.

The ambassador is a former Democrat who had a change of heart last year.

photo: Facebook/BLG Noticias SANTO Domingo

In 2016, Bernstein served as a Florida delegate at the Republican National Convention. “You don’t build a business like that, an international empire, by being a pussycat,” she explained on her support of Trump. “You have to be tough. You have to be resolute. You have to be firm. And you have to be strong.”

The White House announced Bernstein's position just yesterday:

Aside from detailing her experience and work, the announcement noted she speaks "French and basic Spanish."

Though ambassadors aren't necessarily expected to speak the language of the country they're assigned to, it certainly would help them if they were able to converse with the officials there. Plus, it would help establish a genuine connection with the people of the Dominican Republic.

The former ambassador to the Dominican Republic was James "Wally" Brewster, who resigned after Trump's inauguration in January.

photo: Twitter/JamesWallyBrewster

Brewster's seat in the role was controversial because he was an openly gay man working in a Catholic, conservative country.

Bernstein's new position, however, seems more in line with Trump's morals.

"There is a side of him that people don't see," she previously told the Sun Sentinel. "They don't necessarily see the human side of Trump."