Donald Trump just released his campaign's first television advertisement and, as expected, it's reinforcing all of the hateful rhetoric he's become known for. And it appears to be complete propaganda — it's dark, ominous, and sounds like a preview for a show about a serial killer on the loose. It's quite clear that Trump is banking off some of America's fears to try and win votes. 

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The ad is filled with uncertain promises about how Trump will "quickly cut the head off ISIS and take their oil," but doesn't once discuss what his plan of action will be in combatting terrorism. Instead, he uses the anxiety people have toward terrorism to associate all Muslims with senseless acts of crime and violence and to validate Trump's reasoning for temporarily stopping Muslim's from entering the United States. Terrorism is a problem — one that the majority of Muslim's abhor. And by spreading a message that equates terrorism with Muslims, Trump will further contribute to be biased against an innocent group of people.

Then he goes after illegal immigration, reiterating his plan to build a border between the United States and Mexico that Mexico will pay for. How will he get Mexico to pay for it? No explanation. How will this curb undocumented people around the world from entering the U.S.? No explanation. Trump constantly groups undocumented immigrants with Mexico as if those are the only people migrating to this country. Immigrants have helped build this nation, and portraying them as robbers attempting to siege this country (which the video clearly depicts) is insulting and inaccurate. 

But Trump wants people think we have a huge immigrant problem which is why the video shows hundreds of people swarming a border, but it's not the U.S./Mexico border. According to PolitiFact, the footage used to support his point is actually from an Italian television network Repubblica TV and shows Moroccans crossing the border into Melilla in 2014. That's a presidential hopeful using lies to purport his own agenda.

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This ad basically screams "Brown people are bad and you should be afraid of them" — and this is just his first one. More can be expected from Trump as he plans to spend $2 million per week on ads. Watch the video above and let us know what you think.