Despite the fact that 3 million people are living in total darkness with barely any means of communication in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria (one of Puerto Rico's worst natural disasters in nearly a century), President Donald Trump thought starting a Twitter war with the NBA and NFL over the weekend was a good use of his time.

donald trump
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Countless people across social media blasted him for not acknowledging the American citizens in desperate need of help.

 Puerto Rican singer Marc Anthony even dropped an F bomb on him.

Well, on Monday night, five days after Puerto Rico was wrecked, Trump finally broke his silence — but his disgusting tweets will make you wish he never said anything in the first place.

donald trump
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He didn't take five days to come up with the perfect words to give Puerto Ricans hope in such a desperate situation.

No, Trump decided it would be a good idea to drag Puerto Rico for its crippling debt and the poor infrastructure it had before the hurricane struck. It made Puerto Ricans look like the ones to blame for their misfortune.

The hypocrisy in the tweets was astounding! Shaming Puerto Rico for its debt to Wall Street and the banks after it had to be bailed out by the government to prevent the collapse of the US economy less than 10 years ago...

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... when Trump's businesses have filed for bankruptcy MULTIPLE times — including a golf club in Puerto Rico — is unconscionable!

donald trump
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But since the island is seemingly nothing more than a pawn for the US government, it's not good enough to receive the same treatment as a financial institution or the president who shames it.

Needless to say, the Latinx community and other outraged people on Twitter were OVER IT! They proceeded to get Trump together for his heartless comments.


Where is the lie?!


Trump's words deserve every bit of this backlash.