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If you're the kind of Latino that has been vocal against Donald Trump's presidential campaign since day one, you probably feel like shit — defeated, in denial, numb, hopeless, like the world is coming to an end. You feel like there's nothing left to do but runaway to Mexico or Canada and wonder what the hell has happened to our beautiful nation. The U.S. has had its troubles, but now it seems doomed to be a joke. I feel you. I truly do. But now, more than ever, is our time to rise up. 

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All the Republican presidential candidates have dropped out — except Trump. There's no denying that Trump's "Make America Great Again" campaign has resonated with a certain kind of people. The kind of people that I thought lived under rocks in small pockets of the U.S. But now we know this type of hate is actually everywhere, and these people love Trump. 

The GOP never thought that Trump would get this far, now they are calling his rise to the top "the end of the Republican Party." Even though it seemed like leaders of the GOP were trying to stop Trump from the nomination, the voters decided otherwise.

So what is there left for us to do? How can WE stop Trump from taking over our country and making it more of a mockery than he already has? Praying every night until our knees bleed will help, but there are also movements in motion right now that can save us from this impending catastrophe. 

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On July 18, the Republican Convention will begin in Cleveland, Ohio, and there is potential for it to get super real, super fast. The GOP can still oust Trump! It's called a "brokered convention" and if they go this route, it will be the first time since 1948. Delegates who voted for Trump before can change their votes, but this basically only happens when the party and the nominee are divided. As we've heard time and time again, Trump's values supposedly do not fall in line with GOP standards, so there is a possibility that the delegates will override the madness of the GOP primaries at the convention.

The other thing we have to work toward if Trump is the GOP nominee (which many think he will be) is making sure we all vote Democrat. Whether you support Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, you will have to ask yourself: "Do I want Trump over either of these candidates?" The answer should be simple. According to Pew, women lean Democratic by 52 percent and Latinos fare even higher with 56 percent.

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There's a big push for Latinos to register and vote against Trump, and if we all rally together, we can beat him. We still have the power to overthrow Trump. Just because he is loud and obnoxious doesn't mean hate is bigger than us. We must be positive and proactive and, above all, never give up.