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No one has ever said that Donald Trump is funny guy — funny looking perhaps, but that's about it. And yet his supporters had a big laugh when Trump said that Mexicans could be planning an attack against the United States at his rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, yesterday.

During his town hall, Trump began speaking about Mexico's leaders — most likely as a response to the comments made by Mexican president Enrique Pena Nieto at "the three amigos" summit in Canada.  

Discussing Mexico's leaders Trump said: "What they have done to us is incredible. Their leaders are so much smarter, so much sharper, and it's incredible."

At that moment, a plane flew by.

"In fact, that could be a Mexican plane up there. They could be getting ready to attack," the presumed GOP presidential nominee said.

The snide remark joins Trump's other racist quips against Mexicans, from demeaning a Mexican judge who ruled against him to saying that Mexican immigrants are rapists. 

[Insert laugh track from the audience and confused/angry cries from everyone else.] 

Watch the 100% real and terrifying video below.