Donald Trump held a rally in Albuquerque, New Mexico, last night and to be frank — things got seriously ugly. The presumptive Republican candidate spoke to the crowd at the Albuquerque Convention Center as anti-Trump protesters gathered outside. The situation reportedly became chaotic in a short amount of time. Here's what we know so far:

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How It Started

Activist groups local to the area solicited support on Facebook prior to the event and asked people to partake in peaceful protest at the rally in order to "stop the hate." About 100 protesters gathered outside of the convention center on the day of the event.

Who Fired the First Shot

Protesters reportedly began chanting "F**k Donald Trump" and setting Trump paraphernalia (like t-shirts and signage) on fire. Officers on horseback tried to keep the crowd away from the convention center doors and were met with bottles and rocks hurled by the group. 

When Things Escalated

The group managed to break the convention center's glass door (Trump had left prior to this point) and proceeded to taunt authority and jump on police vehicles. Officers in riot gear dispersed the crowd using smoke bombs. Although police refuted the use of tear gas and pepper spray, video shot last night pulled that into question. Batons were used on some of the protestors. 

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The Aftermath

CNN reported that, "despite initial word of gunshots, Albuquerque's police department said on Twitter that there was 'no confirmation' of gunshots," and that it may have been a pellet gun fired from the crowd. Additionally, they claimed that the only arrests made were from inside the rally — not the protest outside — and that three people had to be forcibly removed. 

By 10pm local time, most of the crowd had dispersed, with no injuries having been reported.