President Donald Trump has made it clear that one of his main objectives is to secure the border by building a wall between the US and Mexico. While leaders continue to go back and forth about who will pay for it, drug traffickers have wasted no time in finding alternative ways to pass drugs between the US-Mexico border. 

It seems that Trump’s executive action has sparked some creativity, which may explain someone's idea to catapult drugs over the border. 

Last Friday, a catapult was found in southern Arizona when border patrol agents saw people running away from the border fence as they walked closer. The device was attached to the south side of the fence and it was accompanied by two bundles of marijuana. The drugs weighed more than 47 pounds in total.

Although the American agents dismantled it, Mexican authorities took hold of it. This isn’t the first time smugglers have been discovered doing this. Authorities say it’s common for drugs to be thrown or shot over the border with catapults, air cannons, and even drones.  

Despite Trump’s efforts to regain control over the border, it’s obvious drug traffickers haven’t gotten the memo. A week after being inaugurated, Trump signed an executive order which directed the Department of Homeland Security to start building a US-Mexico border wall immediately. 

There has been outrage over the controversial wall, especially about who will foot the bill. Former Mexican president Vicente Fox has repeatedly said Mexico would not pay for it. He frequently reminds Trump about this on Twitter.