photo: Twitter/senwarren, Dunkin' Donuts

What’s the best way to refuel after you’ve been up for nearly 24 hours? Uh, Dunkin’ Donuts, of course. In the midst of a Democratic sit-in that’s been going on since Wednesday morning, Senator Elizabeth Warren came to the rescue with an armful of Dunkin’ Donuts for her fellow members of Congress.

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On Wednesday night, the Massachusetts senator, who just celebrated her 67th birthday, walked down the halls of Capitol Hill with several boxes of sweet, carby treats in tow. She later shared the evening pick-me-up on Twitter, which received praise from other members of Congress.

After a workday that looked like this, we’re sure Warren might have just become some people’s favorite coworker.

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The demonstration, which has been dubbed #NoBillNoBreak, comes in an effort by over a dozen Democrats to bring up a vote on gun control. It remains unclear how long the sit in will last, but should go on at least 24 hours. Click here to watch a live stream of the ongoing sit-in in Washington, D.C.