Ever since Donald Trump launched his political career, we've been asking ourselves WHO THE HELL is doing the thinking over there.

But now, Team Trump has made their most mystifying move yet — reportedly asking famously anti-Trump Mexican-American comedian George Lopez to perform at the inauguration.

Lopez took to Twitter to let his followers know that he had turned down the invitation, then revealed that Trump's team followed up by asking for actor Eric Estrada's phone number.

What were they thinking?!

Lopez added some well-deserved salt to the wound when he shared the tweet on Instagram with the caption "The desperation has begun @realdonaldtrump #pelosmelapela #ftp #pvc #mmlv let's see who #tinyhands ends up with."

George Lopez
photo: Splash

Trump supporters couldn't wait to clap back...

And throw some disgusting low blows.

The whole thing almost makes us wonder whether Lopez's tweet was just him riffing on the string of celebrities who have declined to participate in the president-elect's festivities on inauguration day.

george lopez
photo: Splash

Everyone from David Foster to Ice T have shut Trump's team down.

Did Trump's team seriously think Lopez would perform for the president-elect? Even the memes Lopez has been sharing have made his political opinions clear.

Seriously. This invitation was NOT going to end well.

"It's the 22 of DEC and @realdonaldtrump is all puckered up and and for #NewYearsEve #pelosmelapela #TangerineElect I have an OYO he can practice on till the 31st ( ha Hmmm)," Lopez wrote as a caption for this meme on Instagram.

The only way this makes sense is if Trump was down to be skewered in front of his guests — but it's an inauguration, not a roast.

But if the popular vote was any indication, most of the country would have paid to see that.