clinton not my abuela
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Just as Hillary Clinton seemed to make progress with Latino voters, her campaign to win our vote backfired . . . big time. A recent post on Clinton's website was a tongue-in-cheek list of "7 Things Hillary Clinton Has In Common With Your Abuela," which lots of Latinos aren't feeling at all. 

It's no secret that since announcing her run for the 2016 presidency, Clinton has been putting forward a mighty effort to win over the Latino vote. Just last month, she kicked off "Mujeres in Politics," a program where Latina supporters actively reach out to other Latina voters in key states like Nevada to encourage support of Clinton.

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Clinton has been working hard to bring attention to issues that matter to the ever-growing pool of Hispanic voters in the U.S. For instance, she's been vocal about about her stance on immigration, stressing that she has been in favor of the DREAM Act since day one. She's all about improving our current health-care system, saying, "If we’re going to have a free market system, we need a free market where we’ve got people competing on cost and quality."

While we appreciate her desire to address issues in our community, this post went a little too far, and boy did Latin@ Twitter let her know. With the trending #NotMyAbuela hashtag, here's how some Latinos told Clinton that, as much as she wants to relate, she's really missed the mark on this one.


The struggles of life as an immigrant

In response to Clinton, this Twitter user shared their own abuela's story of struggle. 


Life between borders

This tweet shares the challenges that so many Latinos face when it comes to our current immigration policies. 


On poverty

The immigrant story often has a common thread of poverty and struggle, something that Latinos like this Twitter user think Clinton cannot relate to. 


On privilege

While some Latinos took to Twitter to share their stories of struggle, others pointed out clear privileges that Clinton has as a politician.


Insulting the intelligence of Latinos

This tweet expressed one Latino's gratitude that most people weren't buying Hillary's "just like your abuela" claims. 


Give us more on the issues

One Twitter user brings up a good point: Latinos want to know about the issues. Tell us about that instead of trying to compare yourself to our abuelas. 

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Familiarity with everyday culture

This tweet points out the disconnect between Clinton and even the simplest things that Latinos can relate to. 


Playing up sterotypes

We couldn't have put this better ourselves. Latinos aren't "one size fits all."