Hillary Clinton loves Latinos — and we have proof! She's launched a Spanish-language website for her campaign, written an open letter to Latina millennials, and even created a hotline for Latino voters who encounter intimidation at the polls.

Now, the Democratic presidential nominee has appeared on one of the most popular Spanish-language talk shows.

Univision's "El Gordo y la Flaca," which literally translates to "the fat man and the skinny woman," featured Clinton on a segment yesterday. The show's hosts Raúl De Molina and Lili Estefan were in as much as awe as the viewers. 

Estefan couldn't even sit still as Clinton made her way on the stage.

Once she got situated, Molina asked Clinton why Latinos are important to her.

"I started working with the Latino community as a teenager," Clinton responded. She also said she registered Latinos to vote as an organizer. The Spanglish conversation worked brilliantly with Clinton's words dubbed in Spanish.

Clinton then said it's important for her to win this election.

"We cannot insult people or degrade people," Clinton said. When asked how she'll help the Latino community, the former secretary of state said immigration reform will be her first priority.

"I want to work with the Latino community to get comprehensive immigration reform," she explained. She said she'd also focus on creating new jobs and making sure children have access to a good education.

The conversation then turned more light-hearted. 

Producers brought out the show's resident maid to gave Clinton a nice cup of café!

Clinton even spoke about what she loves to eat. 

"I LOVE chocolate!" she exclaimed.

That's why the hosts brought her chocolate chip cookies to munch on. 

Clinton even discussed her own chocolate chip cookie recipe, which won her an award. Impressive.

The hosts then gave Clinton a quick Spanish lesson.

Her first word in Spanish: Vota. She said it perfectly. Second word: Presidenta. Clinton responded: "ooh, Presidenta!" She liked that one. Third word: "Feliz cumple," which means happy birthday!

So, in honor of her birthday, Molina asked her dance. Clinton loved it!

And they brought her out a cake! Yes, that is Latino superstar Prince Royce making a cameo.

She even had a mariachi!

What a celebration. 

We're thinking she has the chops to be as cool as president Obama.

Watch the full episode of "El Gordo y la Flaca" below: