The number of racist incidents continues to rise with Donald Trump as president. A Hispanic waitress in Tucker, Georgia is the latest person to experience this. 

On February 16, while working a busy shift at a Mexican restaurant, she received a racist note from a customer in lieu of a tip.

The note read:

“Trump Train!”

The message left by the customer refers to "The Trump Train Movement." It has been fueled by president Trump's latest immigration policies that call for the deportation of countless of undocumented people.

The woman, only known as Fabi, said she was surprised because her encounter with the customer was pleasant. It was a normal exchange that ended with Fabi telling him, “Have a good afternoon. Thank you so much for coming.”

It wasn’t until her colleague began cleaning her table that she knew about the note left behind. “I asked her who had left her that,” Fabi told Univision. “But she told me, ‘No, it’s yours from that man that was sitting right there.’”

Fabi has been a legal US resident for 15 years. She recently applied to become a naturalized citizen. Despite the incident, the Argentinean native only has positive things to say:

“This is my country, I love it. I have two sons who were born here and I work hard every day. My English isn’t great, I know, but I still push myself. I love this country. I love the people in this country because not everyone is racist.”

Fabi’s colleague at the restaurant was also impacted by the note. She said: 

“I felt hurt but I honestly believe that this country was made to give immigrants a lot of opportunities. We come here to work, to achieve the American Dream, to give our children a better future. When people make these kind of comments, I don’t feel like it’s necessary. Why are you going to make someone feel bad? It hurts me that someone would do that.”

But the mother of two won’t let this incident affect her. Fabi said:

“If he felt happy leaving that note, good for him. But that note only gave me more strength. I’m not going anywhere. This is my country and I believe others should do the same."