"Yo, please be careful bro." 

That's one of the last chilling text messages sent to Eduardo Rivero, one of the victims who died in the boat crash that killed Miami Marlins pitcher José Fernández. Will Bernal, who said he's a close friend of Rivero's, released the text messages on September 28.

Rivero, Fernández, and 27-year-old Jesus Macias died on Sunday, September 25 after their boat crashed into a rocky jetty off the coast of Miami, Florida.

Rivero texted Bernal right before he left on the boat with Fernández, according to USA Today.

Jose Fernandez #16 of the Miami Marlins

José Fernández

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Bernal released a screenshot of the last texts between on Instagram.

Will Bernal Instagram
photo: Instagram @ Will Bernal

The texts between the close friends show that Bernal didn't want Rivero riding on the boat with Fernández. 

"Try to keep [Fernández] close to the shore if you go out," Bernal texted to Rivero. "Trust me, it's not my time yet," the 25-year-old responded. Bernal asked Rivero to keep him in the loop. He never heard from his friend again.

In his Instagram caption, Bernal echoed his regrets about letting Rivero board the boat.

"You died being a great friend," Bernal wrote. "You went to be with José and help him when he called you. I tried so hard to tell you not to go out on that boat. It didn't feel right and we both knew it. I feel guilty that I didn't do a better job of trying to convince you not get on that boat. You told me just so I know in case something happens. You had a gut feeling and that is killing me."

Bernal said in his caption that Rivero went with Fernández to support him.

Vague information about Fernández's state of mind has become available. Some have speculated that the all-star pitch and his pregnant girlfriend had a fight that night. ABC has been unable to confirm that information.

Marlins center-fielder Marcell Ozuna said that he and another teammate turned down Fernández's invitation to accompany him on the boat trip.

"It was a bad decision for him," Ozuna said in an interview with The Miami Herald. He also said that all of their teammates were aware that Fernández planned to go on the boat that night. "He heard everybody say, 'No, go back to your house and take it easy.' Then you wake up and see the news.'"

Fernández also asked Ozuna to wake him up before the next day's game in case he overslept. 

"He said, 'If I’m not here by 10, call me,'" Ozuna said.

The investigation into the fatal boat trip is still underway, but the Miami Marlins and Fernández's family, friends, and fans, have begun saying goodbye to the beloved pitcher.

Miami se despide de José Fernandez. ???? #RIP #JDF16 ???? #MLB ????????

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The team walked in a processional this afternoon, which led to a public memorial at Our Lady Of Charity. A private funeral for Fernández will be held on Thursday, September 29.