On August 2, New York resident Philip Vetrano called police at 7 pm, two hours after he last saw his daughter, 30-year-old Karina Vetrano. She went out for a jog near their home in Queens and never came home. 

He later found Karina, dead, and less than half a mile away from where she lived, according to The New York Daily News. Police also recovered her phone that was nearby. She had been listening to music and texting a friend.

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Investigators believe Karina, an avid blogger and fitness enthusiast, was also sexually assaulted.

Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce said they're not sure if this attack was random or by someone known to her, ABC reports.

"Right now, we are investigating anyone who uses this park," Boyce said. "There is a lot of digital evidence, home video, cameras that point at the street. We are collecting that as well. At 5:46 p.m., she ran past one of the homes there."

Boyce also said that "there is evidence of strangulation and also confirmed there is possible evidence of sexual assault."

Karina was an avid blogger and documented her fitness regimen via Instagram and her own blog, including a man who could be her killer.

photo: Instagram

In one of her blog posts titled "Thrill," she wrote about an eerie encounter with a stranger on one of her runs, though it's not confirmed whether the interaction actually happened. Her father told authorities she frequented the same route. 

A man stopped me while I was running in the park one day
and he knew my life struggles just by my stride.
He took my two hands in his and told me:
“You are way too valuable to sell yourself short for a guy.”
By the slight of my sad smile, he knew what my weakness was
and with his eyes in mine he said:
“A Man will fake love for sex, & a woman will fake sex for love.”

Neighbors told the Daily News that Karina jogged in an area "where vagrants live in the woods off the bike path."

In her blog, which she labeled as "a collection of conversations, contradictions, & poetic conflicts," Karina referred to herself as a writer. In her intro she states: 
"Most of the time I am thinking of ways in how I can be better, do better, feel better- whatever 'better' really is. I spend the majority of my life in deep thought about everything. I think about how we all know were going to die, and yet that doesn’t seem to matter to any of us right now. How stupid and immature we all act, every one of us, when we focus on bullshit, when we are mean, and harbor anger. When we hurt people just to bring them down, when we put on fronts and play games with people we care most about – how completely pointless all that is, when we have a limited time here."
Karina earned a master’s degree from St. John’s University in 2015, and worked as a caterer at the Vetro Lounge in Howard Beach.

Condolences have already poured into social media.

rare sighting: my natural hair ???? #curls

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One man wrote: "My deepest sympathy and condolences to the family and friends she was a very pretty young woman in the prime of life and the creep who did this through DNA will be caught when you do catch him please give me one hour with him."

New York State Senator Senator Joe Addabbo also posted a message saying: "My prayers are with the Vetrano family today, upon learning of the tragic news of Karina Vetrano in Howard Beach."

Officials from her high school also posted this sad message:

Women targeted, sexually assaulted and even killed isn't new.

However, if Karina's post is true, the man was a stranger. And only 7% of rapes are committed by someone the victims doesn't know. 

Here's to hoping the police get this awful human. 

[Update: Aug. 4] Police are offering $10,000 for any information in this case. Currently they don't have any leads.

Anyone with information about Karina's death should call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS.

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