If you're a Selena Quintanilla fan who can't stand the sight of President Donald Trump, get ready to SCREAM. Kat Von D just made the most savage political statement with a controversial item featuring the Queen of Tejano, and it left his supporters clutching their pearls.

Back in February, Kat Von D opened up about her humble Mexican roots and slammed Trump's border wall in the process.

"The idea of building a wall between the US and Mexico damages us all on so many levels," she wrote on Instagram. "But the ridiculous/obvious financial damage it would do to our country is insignificant when compared to the underlying message it sends that one race is below another." 

Von D also made it clear she was against the Muslim ban and let her followers know they were welcome to unfollow her if they disagreed.

Now Von D has made her stance even clearer by making sure her beauty brand's IG followers know EXACTLY how she feels about Trump.

Kat Von D Beauty posted this blistering sticker that begs the universe to trade Trump for Quintanilla.

"Best sticker ever," the caption read.

The sticker is from the Latinx-run brand Somar ATX, which also happens to make T-shirts with the unapologetic tag line.

Naturally, the jaws of Kat Von D Beauty followers collectively dropped when they saw the sticker pop up in their feeds.

Many were on board with the message in the sticker.

Of course hardcore fans wish Quintanilla could come back.

However, not everyone thought it was a good look. Some fans found the post to be in poor taste and warned her that she would lose customers — aka Trump supporters — by getting political.

The people leaving these messages clearly haven't been paying close attention. Von D could care less about losing money from people who support Trump's racist policies. 

Plus, she's no stranger to getting political. Her fierce stance against animal testing is a prime example. Von D had no problem calling out a major brand like NARS over the summer when its decision to sell products in China would mean its products would absolutely be animal tested.

Then there were those who missed the sarcasm completely and thought Von D was actually wishing violence against Trump.

*deep sigh*

But you can always count on at least one follower to put everything perfectly into perspective for anyone who was in their feelings.


Whatever way you slice this, one thing's for sure — Von D won't be censoring herself for coins anytime soon. Her brand's integrity is not for sale.

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