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photo: Melinna Bobadilla; Bernie Sanders Campaign

It’s no secret that the Democratic Party has a favorite this primary season — and it’s not Bernie Sanders. With superdelegates (party leaders) pledging overwhelming support for Clinton (548 to 46), and numerous irregularities (like illegal pro-Clinton campaigning in Philly and purged voters in NYC), Sanders and his campaign continue to face an uphill battle. There are still potential game changers: the California primary (with 546 delegates on the line); the Democratic National Convention — which Sanders said he would contest — is next month; political violence is on the upswing; and the general election is in November. 

So while it isn’t over yet, Sanders supporters are beginning to contemplate a dilemma on the horizon: Hillary Clinton clinches the Democratic nomination and faces Donald Trump for the U.S. presidency. Although #BernieorBust and #NeverHillary are still making the rounds on social media, for many Sanders supporters, the reality may boil down to doing whatever it takes, including voting for Clinton, to keep Trump out of the White House.

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Should Clinton face Trump in November, there is a spectrum of options for Sanders supporters: some will vote for Trump; others for Clinton; others for a third option, like the Green Party; and some will abstain. Perhaps Sanders will run as an independent, and some supporters will vote for him. Each option has costs and benefits. 

Five politically astute Latina Sanders supporters spoke  to us about how they frame the dilemma, and what they plan to do in November should Clinton be the Democratic candidate. Spoiler alert: While they have varied positions, the Latinas agree that no one should abstain.